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Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple, to provide high quality, irresistible images coupled with fabulous customer service.

Our service

Our photographers have been trained to our exacting standards and not only have the skills to capture the “standard” shots time after time but also have the talent, artistic flare and licence to get those WOW shots for which we are known. Couple our fantastic images with great on-site products including up to five image montages, and a professional, courteous customer experience and you have satisfaction guaranteed.

Usually amongst the first to arrive and last to leave we cover the event in the same professional manner from start to finish aiming to capture the moment for everyone.

Our Pride

We get no greater pleasure than hearing the fantastic customer feedback as they look through their pictures and make comments about them.  The instant satisfaction we get when customers buy our pictures and are genuinely delighted with their purchase is immense.  There cannot be many professions where this is so.